How ScaledSales Evolved

“Sales consulting grew out of my passion of making sales teams more successful”

Ben Taylor is the CEO and Founder of Scaled Sales, a sales consultancy with

specialised experience in transforming the sales function for start-ups and tech companies in the Digital Industry.

Ben has decades of experience in supporting businesses with growth of their sales teams. His mission is to help businesses in this area achieve their true potential.

‘I started in sales over 20 years ago and after achieving years of personal sales success I decided to move into management and coaching. Something didn’t click though, I knew how to sell, and sell a lot, but the people I was coaching couldn’t do what I could do. This was when I realised the power of playbooks, I could break down what I was doing naturally into repeatable bite sized chunks. It helped me to give the teams I was coaching, the structure they needed to perform. 

As I started working with larger businesses and organisations that spanned multiple locations I soon realised that the struggles I had faced were true across lots of companies and that they really didn’t have a solution. I spent a decade working inside organisations helping them solve their issues and grow their sales teams but the process was usually done on a full time basis and it took years because the structure I was using was lacking.

When I met Matt Garman, I instantly saw the value of The Sustainable Sales System© and the Sales Enabla software. Here was a ready-made system, with software designed to support it that could help me accelerate the growth of multiple organisations much faster. My mission is now to be able to talk to more businesses and help them grow their sales and profits.



The SalesEnabla software presents an opportunity for me to engage with more businesses and scale their sales to achieve the results they want.  I bring years of proven experience and passion for the tech and digital industry and the opportunity to help turn businesses around in an easy, cost-effective way is exciting.


Combining my skill and experience with SalesEnabla, a dynamic sales enablement platform,  I can help businesses to grow and effect real change, with minimal risk and maximum value.’

CEO and Founder of Scaled Sales

Through knowledge gained over 2 decades in sales, I wanted to use my experience to help businesses scale sales teams and increase their profit margins. 

During my time as a Sales Leader I’ve always enjoyed the project element of helping teams grow and I knew that consultancy was the avenue I wanted to take as it helped me to use my experiences in different environments while being able to work on multiple projects at the same time.

What I felt was missing was a framework to help guide those interactions, that was why I chose to partner with SalesEnabla, they provide a software that allows organisations to systemise their sales function and be less reliant on potentially transient salespeople who come and go. SalesEnabla allows companies to consolidate their sales knowledge, reinforce sales best practice and elevate their sales.